Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Review: Eyes of Justice

They have done it again. Eye of Justice by Lis Wiehl and April Henry is the sad story and loss of a third of the triple threat club. When Cassidy Shaw is murdered, Allison and Nicole want to help and are blocked at every point. Only with the help of private investigator Ophelia do things start to make sense. Right when they have a suspect in custody, another murder occurs.

This is another great book in the triple threat series. I am very sad to see Cassidy Shaw go. I really liked her dynamic character and balance to the group. I think it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. With their futures looking bright in the end and a new friend starting in the group, the direction of the next books could be anywhere.

As always I would recommend any of the books in this series as a great read. Lis and April have done a great job weaving suspense plots and creating wonderful relatable characters.

Note: I did receive a copy of this book for free from www.booksneeze.com to read and review. The opinions above are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review.

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