Monday, May 24, 2010

Recipe Catch up

so I have not had the time to take pictures and blog bout every new recipe we have tried this year. I really wanted to and then life happens. But here is a quick overview of the recipes we have tried the last few weeks.

12 honey oatmeal bread from the bread machine- good and easy
13 lemon roll cake- YUM!!! thanks mom for helping
14 peanut butter cups- good and healthy. They are from good and lite. A nice alternative to icecream
15 mexican lasagna-YUM!!! one of our new favorites. We will definately be making this again.
16cranberry breakfast cookies- they have a weird taste which i think is from the dried cranberries i used. But Hannah loves them so she gets to have cookies for breakfast.
17 raspberry bread- Ok taste but the seeds are weird to me.
18 strawberry bread- good. would make again
19 whole wheat blueberry streusel muffins- YUM!! I will definately make these again. but i did follow the advice of the commenters. Increase the oil to 1/2 c and increase the sugar to 2/3c. It made 15 for me.
20 sausages. So really this should be 6 or 7 different recipes but since this also fulfils another goal i felt like we were cheating by countingit both places. So they only count as one recipe. But we made....
breakfast bulk sausage
italian bulk sausage
maple breakfast sausage links
polish sausage links
hot sicilian sausage links
southwestern sausage links
(there may be one more but that is all i can think of)
21 Vanilla ice cream in my new ice cream maker. Milk, cream and sugar has never tasted so good in only 30 minutes.
22. Whole wheat tortillas- Aaron made these and they turned out great. Truely better then anything you can buy in the store. My plan is to start making them fresh instead of buying. And thanks to Jesse and Alica, we now have a tortilla press to help out.
23. Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts

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  1. Wow you are a busy cook! I think I am most interested in the mexican lasagna. they used to have something like that at Central that I really like.