Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Beer Part 1

Aaron has been very productive in May with completing goals.

This month we also tried making our first batch of beer. Below are some pictures for the initial steps. On Friday (May 28th) we will bottle the beer. Seven days later we will get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

For the first batch Aaron went with "Fat Man's Porter"
The recipe was given to us by the brew shop where we ordered all of the ingredients
The malt and hops brewing made the house smell wonderful.

The yeast packet.

After everything had boiled for an hour, we poured it into the brew tank, added cold water, and added the year.

We have turned the guest bedroom into the brew room for a few days. (Catron Mom-if you look in the background you can see your two new cake plates)

The lid is sealed securely and the air lock is filled with vodka to make sure no bacteria gets in. Yes this is the only reason a huge bottle of vodka is sitting next to the beer container.

And now we wait. Once the yeast is done working, we will siphon off the liquid, add sugar, and bottle. Then the bottles sit for 7-10 days to carbonate the beverage. Then we enjoy.

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