Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Sausage

As most of you know Aaron saw a wild pig in our yard and was successful in detaining it a couple weeks ago. From the pig we got 32 lbs of sausage. Here are some pics of that process.

We made many different kinds of sausage including
Italian sausage, bulk
breakfast sausage, bulk
hot Sicilian sausage links
polish sausage links
southwestern sausage links
maple breakfast sausage links
apple leek sausage links
I think that's it. but i could be forgetting one. All in all we are really please with how all of our hard work turned out. We will be enjoying all of the this "free" sausage for the next few months.
"free" is in parentheses because the pig was free but i was amazed at how much stuff you need to make sausage we did not have on hand. So after the sausage stuffer (that had to be next dayed to the house), casings, and pig fat we broke about even if we would have bought the sausage at the store on sale. BUT.. we now have everything to make more in the future.
Aaron and I had a great time learning how to make sausage. I don't think we realized before this how involved it is. Aaron is all excited about sausage making and wants to try a few more recipes from our sausage book.

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