Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review: Constantly Craving.

Constantly craving by Marilyn Meberg are always craving something more. Some times we realize it and sometimes we don’t.

Example: At age 5, Marilyn’s next-door neighbor (same age) was sure she would rather live in Marilyn’s house because she was an only child and the house would be quiet. Marilyn believed living at the neighbor’s house would be better because she had siblings. After switching for one night they realized they were happy with what they were used to.

She does some interesting comparison (I believe she is a psychologist) about how we want or crave things because they make us happy and fulfilled.

For instance a big topic of conversation is friendship and your spouse. She believes the common phrase “You marry your parents” is true. She goes on to dissect how our upbringing molds us into picking a spouse like our parents.

I have so say I can see her point and I agree. But I also kind of disagree. She is very specific on we pick traits in our spouse because those traits can be found in our parents and she doesn’t elaborate on how sometimes we pick traits in our spouse because they were absent in our parents.

(FYI. Mom and Dad if you are reading this, I am not talking specifically about you, us, me, and our relationship; just in general. I love you both.)

This topic of fulfilling past absences does come out later in friendships but not spouses.

I have to agree with other reviewers of this book. The first four or so chapters of this book are really good and then the book kind of falls away. It sort of seems like a lot of little tangents put together.

In general I did like the book. I think she has some very interesting points especially about how being content is about your relationship with Jesus and not the world around you. If Paul can be content in jail just before being executed, I can content in my car during a traffic jam.

Note: I did receive a copy of this book free from www.booksneeze.com to review. The opinions above are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review.

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