Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: First Date

First Date by Krista McGee is a cute book for teens about a girl, Addy, who gets picked to be on a reality TV show competing to be the prom date of the President's son. Addy is not one for attention and glamour. She is a quiet girl focused on good grades and making it to an ivy league school. Though kicking and screaming she does the show. Throughout the show she becomes America's sweetheart for just being herself. She runs into many obstacles including other contestants not liking her and the exec producer and host scheming to get her off the show. In spite of all this Addy starts a great relationship with the Presidents Son, Johnathon.

Throughout the book Addy also deals with her faith in God and his plan for Addy being on this show. Once she is no longer afraid for people to know she is a Christian and that God is in control, she sees how God uses her to better the lives of so many.

Overall I liked the book. I realize I was not the intended target but it was a fun quick read. I would recommend this book to teenagers.

Note: I did receive a free copy of the book from to read and review. I was not compensated for a positive review and the opinions listed above are my own.

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