Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review

I was supposed to read and review What’s Your Mark by Jeremy Cowart but I never received the book.  Usually when you receive a paperback book it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive at my house. Currently I am 23 days in with no book.  More frustrating is that I have emailed the company multiple times and have never gotten a response.  Usually I get a response in 24 hours (as the website states).

At this time, I am no longer willing to wait on the book.  I shall post my review like this.  If I finally do get a copy of the book in the mail I will revise my review.  For those of you who are interested in the book the editors describe it as this

“Who was Jesus? What was his story? What mark did he leave? What's your story? What will be your mark? Join celebrity photographer and social artist Jeremy Cowart as he presents 16 compelling stories of people who are making their mark today. Their stories are just a sampling of the stories that all followers of Jesus can tell - stories from those in all walks of life whose inspiration is rooted in the truths found in the Gospel of Mark. And you’ll be inspired to make your mark---whether through your occupation, your talents or your selfless love and giving to others. Your mark may be teaching children at a school or at home, helping the homeless, or providing food to the hungry. Your mark might be an accidental mark, a reluctant mark, or an intentional mark. Whatever your mark, you’ll be inspired by the stories inside this new book, What’s Your Mark? Become a mark-maker today, and make every moment of your life count.

This book includes:

·   112 full-color pages of Scripture, stories, and photography by renowned photographer Jeremy Cowart
·   16 photos and stories of people---some names you’ll recognize, others not so well known---making their mark

·   Scripture text of the Gospel of Mark from the bestselling New International Version (NIV) Bible”

Sounds good right? 

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