Monday, August 2, 2010


1) Save 9-10% of your annual income in a savings account- So i have come to grips that this will probably not happen this year. But i still want to save some. We'll see.
2) Save $1000 to go on a honeymoon/5-year anniversary- Waiting on the reimbursement.. still.. grrrrr insurance company.

3) Make 1 extra house payment- This month I did an additional ~5%. Total ~50%

4) Spend less that $3000 on groceries and household needs for the entire year (does not include baby things but does include toiletries and cleaning products)-

5)Never use a credit card - Only work expenses that I will get reimbursed for

6)Save enough money to buy Aaron a new chainsaw- WE DID IT! Aaron bought his new chainsaw on Mar 4th. He has already used it a couple times.

7) Save enough money to buy a new lawn mower- Waiting to see what happens with the insurance reimbursement. Right now the push mower works and could get us through his summer if needed.

8) Save $500 to buy a 1/2 cow or a pig for the freezer- This one might not happen either. Its still something we want to do but realistically, $500 isn't enough to purchase either.
9) Have no debt (other than the mortgage) by the end of the year. Replaced by 9b.
9b) Pay off minivan in 12 months- Slow and steady wins the race. I have set up a way of doubling the payment. Unfortunately i didn't realize it until now. The bank has a weird way of depicting their payment schedule. I hope to have an automatic payment taken out biweekly to help this.
10)Pay off all medicals bills from 2009 (Thanks a lot kidney and face)- DONE in February

11)Make $500 from selling things (yard sales, craigslist, etc)- Nothing this month. We are going to re post everything in August.
12) Start a savings account for a new car- well we were able to put $1000 down with the money that we started to save. but this goal is now complete


1) Go on two weekend family vacations- No vacations this month
2) Visit both families at least once- Completed July 1-13th
1) Make at least 2 batches of beer- We started out second batch at the end of the month. It is in our guest bedroom bubbling away.

2) Make at least 1 batch of root beer- We have made 3+ batches of root beer. We are still struggling with carbonation so i will try a few new things in August.
3) Grow a successful garden- We are restarting the garden in August
4) Can 6+ months of corn, green beans, pickles, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, salsa, etc. -
No more canning in July. Hopefully some in August

1) Get back to pre-Hannah weight-July was not a good month for me. But i am at the same point... no loss.. no gain.. i guess its better then gaining.. but still frustrating.

2) Make two dresses for Hannah- Completed in May
3) Learn a new hobby- I have decided Soda making is going to be my new hobby. I love doing it, and I really enjoy the blend of cooking and science.

4)Make 2 books on picaboo- I am up to June in Titus's baby book and still have no idea what other book i want to make. Working on it.
5) Read the entire bible-

6) Get more involved at the church- i signed up to help with the children's ministry. hopefully they will call me soon

7) Read 7 books - 1 down, 6 to go ( i have started the second)


1) Hunt something- Completed in May
2) Process one animal - Completed in May

3) Make a rocking horse - nothing yet.


1) Make our own breads (so my real goal is to not but any sandwich bread or breakfast breads for an entire year)- We did it. We are doing really good on this goal

2) Make 52 new recipes- I am up to 32. Recipes will follow.

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