Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Review

So here is a summary of how we did in February.

This month a couple things happened to help push us forward.
1) We filed our taxes and got a large return (yea second baby!)
2) Work suprized everyone with raises
3) After much worrying, it looks like the PA Department of revenue is not coming after me for tons of money. But, I'm still waiting on the official word.

1) Save 9-10% of your annual income in a savings account- some of our tax return may go towards this. We are still waiting to see where it is going to go.

2) Save $1000 to go on a honeymoon/5-year anniversary- We are hoping to accomplish this with our tax return. We are still waiting to see if the car needs fixed and other things before we officially designate the money towards this.

3) Make 1 extra house payment- Put an additional 9.6% towards our mortgage. Total ~15%

4) Spend less that $3000 on groceries and household needs for the entire year (does not include baby things but does include toiletries and cleaning products)- I still have no idea. One of my goals for March is get this in order

5)Never use a credit card - Again I had some work expenses (booking stuff for a trip) that I put on a credit card. But we have not used it for any personal use.

6)Save enough money to buy Aaron a new chainsaw- Thanks to our tax return, we have money set aside for a new chainsaw. Aaron will probably go pick it out in March

7) Save enough money to buy a new lawn mower- We have money set aside and are now actively looking for a great deal on a used lawnmower

8) Save $500 to buy a 1/2 cow or a pig for the freezer

9) Have no debt (other than the mortgage) by the end of the year. (Only have some medical bills, but i want to keep it this way)- Still no debt-YEA!!!

10)Pay off all medicals bills from 2009 (Thanks a lot kidney and face)- I put the check in the mail on the 24th to pay off the balance. I love not having this hanging over me anymore.

11)Make $500 from selling things (yard sales, craigslist, etc)- Our yardsale was good, but not wonderful. It rained all morning so the turn out (both people selling and looking) was low. But in 2.5 hours, we were able to make $100. We still have a lot of stuff that didnt sell, so it is going into the closet for Augusts big commuity yardsale.

12) Start a savings account for a new car- This is getting moved up as a huge priority. Our Aztek is starting to cause us some problems and will need to replaced within the next year.

1) Go on two weekend family vacations- My job is sending me to Orlando Mar 1st and 2nd. We have decided to go a day early and make it a little vacation. We plan on visiting the Orlando Science Center, playing in the hotel pool, and having a great time. (check it out, i finally learned how to use the linky thing. Yeah me)

2) Visit both families at least once

1) Make at least 2 batches of beer- no beer yet, but we have read up on it a lot. Hopefully this spring

2) Make at least 1 batch of root beer- Not yet. Aaron did get a book on this for his birthday so hopefully in March or April

3) Grow a successful garden- We started some seedlings inside for broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and spinach. We plan to plant them outside in March.

4) Can 6+ months of corn, green beans, pickles, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, salsa, etc.

1) Get back to pre-Hannah weight- not a good month. Too much baking. March is going to be much better

2) Make two dresses for Hannah- no time in February but this is still very important to me

3) Learn a new hobby- Still no idea what

4)Make 2 books on picaboo- i didnt get a chance to update the books for February. Hopefully in March.

5) Read the entire bible- not a single chapter in February. BAD SALLY

6) Get more involved at the church- Still looking for the right place. Please pray for my guidance to the right area


1) Hunt something- no opportunities this month

2) Process one animal

3) Make a rocking horse


1) Make our own breads (so my real goal is to not but any sandwich bread or breakfast breads for an entire year)- We did not buy any bread this month. YEAH!!!. I am getting better about having bread on hand. Aaron has also helped out a lot with this goal. I have also started using my bread maker to make the dough so all I have to do is form it and bake.

2) Make 52 new recipes- I now have a total of 12 new recipes. I still need to post the 12th one.

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