Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Book Review: Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous is a story of a teenage boy, Sam Hopkins, who makes the worst mistake of his life and then has to suffer through the consequences.  He gets into the wrong crowd, beaten up, blamed for murder, and becomes the friend of a strange girl no one else believes.  Through all of this his life is turned upside down and he discovers what a man and how faith effects that.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.  There were a few spots where I struggled getting into it.  I also found when I stopped reading I could go a week until I remembered that I hadn’t finished it.  Not a gripper but good.  Then again I am not the intended audience. 
I would recommend this book to any preteen or teen I knew.  It had a good message.  Although the plot line was a little extreme to what teens today are experiencing, I thought the overall message of bravery and consequences was good.

Note: I did receive a free copy of this book from for review.  The opinions above are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review.

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