Friday, January 28, 2011

Book Review: Read and Share: The Ultimate DVD Bible, Volume 2

I have to first say that my sister Annie got me started on this series of movies. We got the Christmas story from her a year ago and love it. I was very excited when I had the opportunity to review this book and DVD.

The book is very well written. They take 20 or so stories from the bible and write them in a way that is easily understood and relateable to kids. Each story takes only a couple minutes to read making it easy to read 3-4 stories in a 10 minutes. They also include questions to discuss with your kids.

The DVDs is also great. The DVDs include the same stories that are in the book but in 2-3 minutes animations. The films are also well constructed and follow the books almost word for word.

As soon as we put these in, my daughter was hooked. We watched the first DVD 3 times to day... in a row.

I am very excited about having this book. Its a great way to teach bible stories to our kids. This book and DVD set will definitely get a lot of use at our house.

Note: I did receive this book/DVD free from for review. I was in no way compensated for a good review of this book. All opinions in my review are my own.

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