Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Review: The Treasure of God's Word

The treasure of God's Word; Celebrating four hundred years of the King James Bible by Jack Countryman is a great gift or book to display on a coffee table. He has categorized some of the best verses into great, easy to decipher categories such as love, compassion, patience, etc. Each category has five to fifteen verses written out. In between all of the verses is a wonderfully written history of the King James Bible. It discusses why it was made to standardize the Bible under the decree of King James, how it was deciphered, written, edited for its original draft and throughout the years. (They also discuss the humorous unintentional edits during copying ... like commandment 6- thou shalt kill). I was amazed at the effort and length of time many men were dedicated to create the book in its best and most authentic means.

Overall i really enjoyed this book. I thought the author did a great job picking poignant verses for each category. I also thought the history of the King James Bible was well written, informative and concise.

Note: I did receive a free copy of this book to review. The opinions written above are my own and I am in no way compensate for a good review.

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