Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June Update

1) Save 9-10% of your annual income in a savings account- life's unexpected things are making this hard. It is still a goal but is starting to look unachievable this year.

2) Save $1000 to go on a honeymoon/5-year anniversary- Still waiting on insurance money

3) Make 1 extra house payment- This month I did an additional 10%. Total ~45%

4) Spend less that $3000 on groceries and household needs for the entire year (does not include baby things but does include toiletries and cleaning products)-

5)Never use a credit card - No credit card use in June

6)Save enough money to buy Aaron a new chainsaw- WE DID IT! Aaron bought his new chainsaw on Mar 4th. He has already used it a couple times.

7) Save enough money to buy a new lawn mower- Still using the push mower. Maybe when the insurance money comes back we'll upgrade

8) Save $500 to buy a 1/2 cow or a pig for the freezer- After watching Food Inc and King Corn, Aaron and I both motivated to start eating more grass fed meat and supporting local farmers. This will be a huge change to our food budget so we are doing it slowly. This is still a priority of mine.

9) Have no debt (other than the mortgage) by the end of the year. Replaced by 9b.
9b) Pay off minivan in 12 months- Slow and steady wins the race.

10)Pay off all medicals bills from 2009 (Thanks a lot kidney and face)- DONE in February

11)Make $500 from selling things (yard sales, craigslist, etc)- We have had a couple people interested in buying some more stuff, but nothing yet. Hopefully in July.

12) Start a savings account for a new car- well we were able to put $1000 down with the money that we started to save. but this goal is now complete


1) Go on two weekend family vacations- We leave July 1st to visit family

2) Visit both families at least once- See above.

1) Make at least 2 batches of beer- Aaron is enjoying his first batch and plotting his second.

2) Make at least 1 batch of root beer- We made a batch of root beer and ginger ale this month. Both were successful failures. The root beer tastes great but did not carbonate (i let the activated yeast sit out too long). The ginger ale is very fizzy but taste strange. We need to tweak the recipe some. Hopefully we will get a second batch in on both before the trip up north.
3) Grow a successful garden- Its in partially. I will call it a work on progress.

4) Can 6+ months of corn, green beans, pickles, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, salsa, etc. -

1) Get back to pre-Hannah weight- I'm getting there. I have started my EA sports Wii game. Right now I am really sore.
2) Make two dresses for Hannah- Completed in May
3) Learn a new hobby-

4)Make 2 books on picaboo- I am up today with May for Titus. I need to focus on what I want the other book to be. I have a couple half started
5) Read the entire bible-

6) Get more involved at the church- Still searching for my place.

7) Read 7 books - Well I have ten great books i want to read. Again, its just finding the time. I hope to be better about this.


1) Hunt something- Completed in May
2) Process one animal - Completed in May

3) Make a rocking horse


1) Make our own breads (so my real goal is to not but any sandwich bread or breakfast breads for an entire year)- We are doing really good on this. Its hard to remember that we need it, but Aaron and I have both become expert bread makers.

2) Make 52 new recipes- With 6 months left, I am right on track.

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